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Kid Getting Vaccinated


Empowering you to own your medical information

Tika Health is an app designed to put essential medical records in your own hands.  

The app enables you to own and control essential medical records of you and your loved ones, including your pets.  It also provides reminders for vaccines required, and up-to-date information on recommended travel vaccinations.


 Global Digital Vaccine & Medical Records

Request to download the secure app on your smartphone, and access a medical service provider partner of Tika Health to input the essential medical history for you.  

The medical service provider can thereafter update your essential medical records as necessary.  The app can even store records of your family and pets! 

With this, you can access your updated essential medical history anytime, anywhere through your mobile device.  This makes it especially useful when you travel or do not have access to your regular doctor.  

The app also provides recommendations for relevant vaccines based on the countries you are planning to visit.

Dr Sridhar
Physician, India

"I really appreciate your efforts in building a model, which will enrich the existing vaccination system all over the world. I would be happy to see it rolled out and used in the day to day life. With a hope of better infrastructure in healthcare post-pandemic, Tika Health might be a great tool to support the people. I would be happy to help you in all possible ways I can. Once again thank you for all your support from Singapore."

Application for Access

Fill up the form below to apply for access to our application. Alternatively, you can head to your device's application store to download the app for free. 

Thanks for submitting!

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