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Features of the App

Here at Tikahealth, digital medical records are digitized and democratized. Your health records are contained on a safe and secure platform that utilises blockchain technology to ensure that your records are private and verifiable.

Why choose tikahealth?


Our blockchain technology automates and verifies data, improving trust and eliminating fraud.


Schedule appointments with approved healthcare facilities for both personal and family immunization


Gain full control over your electronic health records and share securely with whoever you want globally


Users manage the provision of consent to validate requests, revealing only relevant data.

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Medical Checkup

For Users

Authenticates Health Records

Using optical character recognition and computer vision technologies


Securely verifies data and validates health records

across multiple languages using our blockchain tech for ease of data sharing


Empower users

to manage and learn about their health records data using blockchain technology

For Clinics or Medical Service Providers

Help drive improved medical outcomes with the Tika Health App.

Doctors Analyzing File
Business Team

For Corporations

We work with companies to enhance seamless access to medical data and records anytime, wherever they may be, at the click of a button.

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For Insurance Companies

Help drive improved medical outcomes with the Tika Health App.

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